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You Only Get One Shot at a Launch
Learn how best to leverage your idea & avoid the major pitfall that can kill it.
Don't Go It Alone
It's tempting. Almost all entrepreneurs have a wide set of skills. When you're scrappy and bootstrapping your idea. It's only natural to try to manage everything. But, this is not a recipe for success.
Sharks Smell Blood
It is always best to look for help BEFORE you need it. There is a whole industry of scavengers that will be more than willing to separate you from your money
Trusted Partners
The right partners can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurial venture. Pays to do your homework.

Don't Go It Alone

It's so tempting to try to save money, but the reality can sometimes be the opposite.

Here are 3 common pitfalls
"I can do this..."
Yes, you probably could, but by doing this what are you choosing not to do? People fail to consider opportunity cost. Is this the best way to get the largest return on your time investment?
"If I don't do it, who will?"
That's a great question to ask yourself, especially in the context of the question above. While may be true you don't have someone today, but depending on the opportunity cost, it may be worth hiring someone.
"It takes time to hire..."
Yes, that is absolutely true. It also takes time to train, and it takes time for a new employee to onboard. My rule of thumb is to assume 50% efficiency (1st 3 mos.), 80% (2nd 3mos.), and 100% by a year. It all comes back to whether or not the opportunity cost is high enough.
Three Myths Sharks Use To Lure You In
Easy Money
There is ABSOLUTELY no easy money. If someone is offering you a large sum claiming minimum risk, read the fine print. There is usually a shark swimming there.
Turn Key
Nothing is ever 100% turn key. If someone promises you that, reach for the shark repellent. You will have to invest some of your time and energy to oversite.
Who You See is Who You Get
Many sharks will present their best people when wooing you for your business, but once you sign, these people disappear. Know how important your business is to them. If it's only a small part of their business, you will likely be assigned, junior people.
What to Look For in a Partner
The goals of the partner and your goals need to align. Your size does matter. Make sure you are not David vs. Goliath.
Aligned Goals
Success in your business should equal success in theirs. If the success of your project doesn't matter, then you can imagine the priority it will be given.
Size Matters
If the size of their business is much larger than the size of your business, then expect much lower service levels.
Why EntrepreMentors?
Experience Matters. In business coaching, as in real life, you want someone who knows the field well, but also someone who can meet you at your level.
All of our coaches have at least 20 years of experience in the fields. All have at least 2 years of coaching experience. Some have up to 10 years.
All of our coaches are experts in their fields, be it marketing, finance, operations, you name it.
Walked the Walk
The majority of our coaches have launched at least one business. Many are serial entrepreneurs. They understand what you are facing. We purposely stayed small so your success matters to our goals. However, in order to stay small, we are very selective in whom we help.
Flexible Services to Meet Your Needs
Find the best service or services that meet your or your organization's needs.
Beginner Level Group and Individual Training
We offer individual and group training to entrepreneurs depending our their experience level. These beginner modules focus on the basics, such as founding a company (structure/governance), intellectual property, minimally viable value proposition, prototyping, test marketing, among others.
Intermediate Level Group & Individual Training
These intermediate modules focus on the more complex issues, such as the pros and cons of the different entity formations, intellectual property (patient, copyright, trademark strategies), customer insights and need states, rapid response prototyping, concept testing, among others.
Advanced Level Group & Individual Training
These advanced modules focus on the more complex issues, funding vehicles & fundraising strategies, how to value intellectual property, anticipating customer needs, what are the key drivers of new technology adoption models, and more.
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