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These are a collection of sample webinars you can peruse to get a sense of our teaching and coaching styles.
Want Best Marketing Results? Focus on Relevant Content
  1. Develop a Great Brand Strategy for Your Small Business: The most important step is to know your ideal customer. Without it, your content is likely to be generic and not as relevant as it could be.
  2. Relevant Content is Based on Your Brand Messaging: you need to solve your potential customers’ needs and explain why you are different.
  3. Purchase Involvement is a Great Guide: Building strategies based on the level of purchase involvement required by your customer base is a time-tested approach. The content that is relevant to one level is not likely relevant to another.
Top 3 Business Financial Ratios
Ok, I know, financial ratios for small business is not a sexy topic. But, if there was a way to know if your business was on fire, would you want to in advance or after it started? These three short stories show how simple ratios can help you avoid a 5 alarm fire.
The Art of Delegation: A Webinar
One of the hardest tasks for an entrepreneur to do is delegate. Delegating is not abdicating. Delegating is the act of making conscious choices about how your time is best spent, and how others might be able to help you achieve your goals.
How to Build a Pitch
We wanted to share a video about how to pitch your business. From the elevator pitch to the deck building, we have tips on it all. Watch now to find out more!
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